Sales jobs in Sussex and Sales jobs in Brighton can cover a wide mix of categories including Recruitment, Telesales general and specific, Field Sales and Customer Service Sales. Tele sales jobs in Sussex and particularly Brighton are on high demand all year. Since our City status we have attracted to the area a number of large Call Centre organisations.

For those looking for recruitment jobs in Brighton and Sussex, Dune Office Recruitment also specialise in the recruitment market, as well as looking for sales experience in product, general telesales and the more specialist sales markets, which can embrace the financial services sectors, within the customer services side.

One of our largest sections cover the Financial Services Sector were again we have many clients looking for candidates for sales jobs in Brighton with Mortgage support and general financial services background. This seems to be a growing area and many clients will assist in further training and qualifications within the Mortgage and Financial sectors.

Please use the links below to search for your perfect telesales, recruitment and sales jobs in Brighton and Sussex.